Signs of Comfort in Discomforting Times

2 thoughts on “Signs of Comfort in Discomforting Times”

  1. This is beautifully written girl ❤️
    I know all to well the toll a death takes on the family unit. The pain will never truly go away BUT it does lessen and come less often as time goes on.
    We are here for you my dear friend ❤️


  2. Wow, Alanna…you just got all that so-o right & in perspective. Grief is the craziest emotion & yup… cancer ♋️ f’n sucks BIG TIME…but you’ve got it altogether in this heartfelt blog. “Just keep it coming” & 2020 will be soon turning into 2021 & more… “more life & emotion” to live & just keep breathing, & writing ✍️ & loving those sweet kiddos! Goosebumps!! Thanks! 🙏


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