The Burnout.

To The Mom That’s Verging a Burnout: I see you. I know what you’re feeling. I know that you think you’re totally over this parenting gig and you want to run away and start a new life. I see you breaking down in the shower because it’s the only place you can get away to … Continue reading The Burnout.

Attitude Adjustment

Well, hello lockdown #3. You sure have worn out your not-so-warm welcome already and you haven’t been here that long. You are taking away our livelihood, happiness and general sense of hope as we battle what now feels like an endless pandemic.  I’ve been in a slump, y’all. And it hasn’t been pretty. My lovely … Continue reading Attitude Adjustment

When The Magic Disappears

They don’t prepare you for this.  There’s no ultrasound, stress test or certain age when they turn that corner of maturity. Everyone was RIGHT when they had the audacity to offer their unsolicited words of wisdom- saying to enjoy these days because they apparently ‘fly by.’ And to think that you acknowledged their so-called advice with … Continue reading When The Magic Disappears