And… Back to Regular Scheduled Programming.

But, actually. We are legitimately back to how life was before Covid hit and this sh*t is still running rampant. What the hell, parents. Like… what?  Alright. So, let’s break this down a minute here. I am the most selfish mother in the world and I literally skip out of the school play yard because … Continue reading And… Back to Regular Scheduled Programming.


I was triggered the other day when I was scrolling through Facebook and fell upon a picture of my ex-husband with a supposed sober smile. I was selfishly angry when I read some comments about how wonderful he is and how he deserves all the help in the world. I just thought to myself how he … Continue reading Triggered.

Another New Chapter

I’ve been a little quiet on here lately because life has been jam-packed with insanity, both good and bad. I had to take a pause and embrace some quietness before my head spun like Medusa. I still have ZERO idea on this whole back-to-school disaster and I’m in a slight conundrum because I’ve got 3 … Continue reading Another New Chapter