Self Love During Isolation

What. the. hell. is. self. love. And better yet, how does one accomplish self love during this? I don’t know about you but I am wayyyyy too busy flipping through all this online learning and begging the kids to stop barking at each other, because they’ve clearly taken on new dog personas kinda like myself. … Continue reading Self Love During Isolation

Fellow Human Check-In.

Whoa. 2 entries in 2 days. I’m slightly impressing myself. Could this perhaps be the start of a new habit? Eh? Ehhhh? Probs not. Don’t get too excited. My kids have free time from 6 until 8 and this is my way of blocking out the current fighting that’s happening over who has the iPads. … Continue reading Fellow Human Check-In.

March Break 2.0

High five, folks. We just survived the scariest March Break of our entire life! (well, I hope anyway.) I see y’all working hard to keep those kiddos busy, active and meticulously following the social distancing guidelines. Aside from those who are hanging at the park with your friends… you’re real jerks. Is anyone else anticipating … Continue reading March Break 2.0